Divinely Dressed: Putting on Garments of Grace A Study of Colossians 3:1-17

Divinely Dressed: Putting on Garments of Grace is a spiritual makeover; a transformative journey for God’s woman to find her true identity in Christ; to see herself through His eyes, and to exchange the old clothes of the world for garments so full of grace that the image of His glory will radiate from her life onto those around her.

 “You have taken off your old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.” Colossians 3:9,10

Using Paul’s letter to the Colossians as a guide, this eight-lesson study will shepherd those seeking individually or together in groups, through the important steps involved in setting aside the tattered, worn fashions which may not flatter the Christ-life, and replace them with qualities that compliment her so much better. She will learn who she is in Christ, and what garments best represent her identity in Him. She will discover how to put on the graces of Christ that will better serve to protect, identify, and beautify the woman she was created to be. She will walk away from this beauty consultation transformed, with a refreshed wardrobe that unmistakably reveals her identity as a daughter of the King.

You are a Daughter of the King;
a new creation, dearly loved, and chosen to wear the royal
garments that reflect your true identity in Him.

“I recently had opportunity to read Penny Kendall’s book Divinely Dressed: Putting on Garments of Grace, and I saw the admonition to “wear” our faith in a different light than I ever had before.

The analogy of removing our sin-stained garments and putting on the attributes of Christ is beautifully illustrated in the modern concept of an extreme makeover, and Penny does a wonderful job of making that scene come to life. She takes us from our “used-to-be” state as sinners in need of redemption to our “meant-to-be” state as we grow in maturity and grace, adding the qualities and spiritual wisdom that comes with new life in Christ.

The book is a valuable combination of biblical commands and encouragement, coupled with Penny’s true-to-life examples of how this happens in real time. How do we transition from people with our human flaws and weaknesses to spiritual beings full of grace and ability to forgive? How do we bring our speech and behavior in line with Christ-like love and values? Penny reminds us that our value and definition of self no longer comes from other people, or even from ourselves, but from the way God defines us: chosen, redeemed, saved, forgiven, accepted—all these terms and more are our new identity in Christ.

Each chapter has specific, down-to-earth examples of how to make these changes come to life, and each chapter has follow up questions perfect for personal reflection, or for interaction if you’re using the book in a class setting. Some of the advice I found most helpful was Penny’s specific and insightful knowledge of how to speak to those dealing with the loss of loved ones—how to be with those who mourn and hurt, when we feel so inadequate.

I know you’ll appreciate Penny’s gentle guidance and wisdom as she shares from her heart, and takes you from a place of “used-to-be” to “meant-to-be.” It was the perfect encouragement for me, and I hope you’ll include this book on your list of “must-reads” for the coming year!”

Sheila Gibson,  Author of  Choose Your Purpose,
Love Your Life

“We worry so much about what we wear on the outside—our dress, shoes, lipstick, jewelry. But in Divinely Dressed, Penny Kendall reminds us of what REALLY matters—our spiritual wardrobe. Penny is a gifted teacher and writer. I highly recommend you read Divinely Dressed today. You will be encouraged and blessed.”

Terilee Harrison, International Speaker, Book Writing Coach and Author of The Shameless Life

"Divinely Dressed is a delightful engaging study that challenges the reader to spend time in honest self-evaluation in order to see what changes may need to be made in one's own life to better reflect God's love and glory."

Ann Clayton, Minister's Wife

"This book is truly inspirational.  As a result of reading Divinely Dressed, a "spring cleaning" has taken place in my spiritual closet.  Old garments have been replaced with Garments of Grace as I strive to live my life as a daughter of the King."

Don-Ann Wheeler, Author of Basic Bible Skills: Building Blocks for a Firm Foundation