meet penny

Chosen. Redeemed. Beautiful. Beloved. His.

Welcome to my little dot on the internet, dedicated to you, sweet woman of God. This quiet place is meant to encourage you, uplift you, and inspire you to lean in to Jesus in your everyday moments and to daily live the mission He has designed just for you. 

If you are like me, your heart deeply desires to bring glory to the Father, to be in His will, and to be all He has meant for you to be.

You have hopes and dreams of how He will use you to impact and influence others for the Kingdom. You want to live on purpose for a purpose; for your days on this earth to count, and to leave a legacy that carries on after you’ve taken your first step into Paradise. 

"You want to dream big but it seems
that life, with all its challenges,
demands, and disappointments, can
sometimes make you feel like
you'll never achieve those things."

You want to dream big but it seems life, with all its challenges, demands, and disappointments, can sometimes make you feel like you’ll never achieve those things. You wrestle with expectations, busyness, anxiety, fatigue, fear, insecurities – and you sometimes believe those whispered lies that you are of no value to Him, or anyone. 

How can you ever be adequate to do the meaningful things that you want to do – that you believe God has called you to do?

How can a sovereign God use someone like me, with all my weaknesses and imperfections; with all my past failures and hurts, to make a difference in the Kingdom? How will I ever be good enough?

I want you to know that you are not alone. Girl, I wrestle too - all the time.

My journey from hurt and anger toward healing, has been through both dry desert places and beautiful green meadows; through deep valleys and over high mountain vistas. Though I’ve done my share of complaining along the way, God keeps reminding me that He has put me right where He intends for me to overcome and become; to grow and flourish, to fulfill my purpose, to be all that He planned for me to be – all He meant for me to be. This imperfect older woman is proof that He can use and find beauty in the most broken things.

No matter how broken, ugly, or inadequate you feel, He thinks you are beautiful, too. You are His masterpiece. A display of His splendor. Chosen. Redeemed. Beloved. He has a mission, a meant-to-be, just for you. For us. 

We are God’s women on mission; striving together to overcome and become all He meant for us to be, for His Glory. 

I’m so excited to be sharing the journey with you! 

a few of my favorite things


My most important treasure lies in the family and legacy that God has so graciously gifted to me. 

I have been married for 41 years; not 41 easy years but 41 growing years, 41 blessed years. We’ve served in stateside ministry and on foreign mission fields for more than 30 of those years. We've lived in Siberia Russia and Estonia, and presently make our home-away-from-home in Singapore where my husband directs a small bible college focused on ministry training, and I serve as the Dean of Women. There is nothing more sweet than being on mission with your sweetie. 

I am an oober blessed mom of 6 and grandmother of 13 and I'm humbled everyday that God entrusted this girl of broken legacy to care for their precious souls. 

Training ‘littles’ and watching them grow to be amazing, Godly adults is the most beautiful gift of all and I am over-the-top proud to be their mom. Raising a big family for the Lord has its challenges, for sure; raising kids is not for the faint of heart! There is training and discipline, and laundry, and feeding them – every day. 

The most difficult part of raising kids though, is having to say goodbye to one sooner than you expected. That’s what I had to do in 2006 when my 21-yr-old soldier son, Dustin, was killed in Iraq. The journey of my grieving heart has been difficult but beautiful just the same; a rose among the thorns. God's grace and comfort pours out when you need it the most and I'm so thankful for that. 


I became a professional portrait photographer after my son died. Offering others what was priceless to me was my path to healing the deepest wound of my heart. I closed my photography studio to move across the world with my hubby but my camera is still my most valued accessory.

The truth is, I love all things creative. Living a life of art is my great energizer. I love to capture life in pictures, to cook, quilt, craft, write, draw, paint, and tinker with web design and illustration (including this website and all the freebies you'll find here). I hope you enjoy the recipes and fun projects I share along the way.


If you've been exploring the pages of this site, then you may have already noticed I adore everything flowery. Flowers just make me happy.

Bringing my eye to the tiniest of His masterpieces, seeing the array of colors and delicate details, and breathing deep of the scent of his creation, makes me bow low in awe of God's love and power.

I love to photograph them, draw them, paint them, and surround myself with them. I hope you won't mind if I share them with you too. 


There is something comforting and calming about holding a warm cup of tea or coffee, snuggling into our favorite chair, and reading good words of encouragement or inspiration. Sitting across the table from a friend, a loved one, or a special little person, and sharing hearts and a cup of warmth is an even greater gift.

I love the spirit of fellowship that happens when we take the time to get face-to-face with our treasured ones, to relish in the moment, to laugh or cry together, and to enjoy the little pleasures of God's richest blessings.

If I could, I'd sit across from you right now, enjoy your presence, and together we would share the stories that touch our hearts. We may have a little virtual distance between us but let's not let that keep us from sharing sweet fellowship. You grab your cup and I'll grab mine. We'll rest for a few quiet moments and relish our time together. I'll share what's on my heart on these pages and I'd love for you to join our Facebook community of God's Women: On Mission, where you can share yours. See you there!


I've been both a career woman and a stay-at-home mom. I’ve worn my share of business suits and more than my share of baby spit-up, on everything, including the business suits. I also went through a ‘jumper’ phase but I try to forget that part. Did I mention that I home-schooled my brood for 23 years? This would account for the jumper phase (smile)

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, at heart. I like this description better than "wishy-washy". I've owned brick and mortar businesses, as well as multi-level and online marketplaces; some successful, some - not so much. I've learned a lot from both.

I'm honored to come along-side women who desire to start small passion-businesses that help support their family goals, no matter what season they are in or where their mission takes them.


I love being a Christian Life & Leadership Coach where I get to walk along-side those who are seeking to discover what God is doing in their lives and are striving to live on mission with Him. I'm blessed and honored to be a part of your empowering team; helping you achieve your desired visions and goals while on your journey through the everyday of life, legacy, and business. Whether through my writing, speaking, or through a regular and committed coaching relationship, I pray that you will be blessed as we journey together. 

If you think 1-on-1 coaching is right for you, drop me a note via the contact page and we'll schedule your complimentary discovery session to explore the awesome possibilities.  Can't wait to hear from you!

a tribute to my dusty rose

Life's journeys sometimes takes you on roads that you never planned to travel. This has certainly been true for me. My journey to who I am today began at a place I did not want to be, on a day in 2006 when the unthinkable happened; the day that our 21-year-old soldier son gave his life in battle in Iraq.

Dustin's death began a new journey for me; a grief journey that would take me to dark places I never thought I'd visit and never intended to go. Although it may sound funny to some, that journey has also taken me to beautiful places on the other side that I would not have been privileged to see without it; to places of passion and compassion that I was not gifted with before that day. You see, even in my darkest places, my journey of grief has allowed me to see life through different eyes—to look more closely, to cherish the moments and to appreciate the tiniest of blessings.

Even in my darkest places, God has helped me to see the roses among the thorns. Dustin is my rose among the thorns—my "Dusty Rose".

Cpl Dustin Lee Kendall
KIA Operation Iraqi Freedom
January 15, 2006